Mr. Daily has won previous awards for Independent Business Plans & competed in International Competitions (DECA). He also created the Smart Home phrase bank. This system allows anyone to control their home with just their eyes & Amazon-Alexa (when using Hawkeye Access eye tracking). As a member of the Cherokee Nation of Eastern Oklahoma, his vision includes protecting Native American languages around the Americas.

Brock Daily | Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Greco has 35+ years of experience in the engineering world, spending the last 15 years as a principal engineer for DNV engineering. Currently, John is also the Operations Director for the Nevada programs for DNV (Det Norske Veritas) and NV Energy. He Is a certified audio engineer.  He also manages our recording studios for private clients. 

John Greco | Chief Operations Officer

Yakov Elizarov has a vast network of government / corporate contacts from his company, Elizarov Consulting Group. Mr. Elizarov will facilitate major contracts, grants, and strategic partnerships. VoCapsule's mission to help military users will be prepared by the ECG network.

Yakov Elizarov | Chief Business Development Officer

Frank DiMaggio has 25+ years of experience in the entertainment industry. His shows include locations in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Kansas City. He has worked as a Tour Manager, Booking Agent, and Event Coordinator for a vast list of clients including: Fremont Street LV, The Downtown LV Events Center, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. Charity contributions include Susan G Koran, Race for the Cure, Cure for Kids and countless others.

Frank DiMaggio | Talent Management

Nicola is fluent in multiple programming languages, specializing in system integrations. He has prior development experience in the banking industry & robotic automations. Currently, DiPalma is preparing our Beta Platform for a public launch. 

Nicola DiPalma | Dev Ops Management

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