About Us

Vocapsule is a "Voice Management Service". We record audio data & store your files in a private database that can always be activated in the future by you or a trusted Recipient. When your account is activated, we train a voice-clone using AI technology from the best labs in the world. Vocapsule uses secure, audited companies with ethical standards that match our own. 

We currently offer early registration, our Beta is arriving soon! You may also try the ALS eye-tracking demo. Our team wanted to help those with early-diagnosed ALS learn how to use eye-tracking.

Privacy Standards

All data submitted through our Beta will be stored in a SOC-Type II approved facility (including all training servers of AI affiliates). The security of your personal data is a critical element of our business model! This website uses facilities with ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC, SOC 2, SOC 3 , & PCI DSS Level 1 security certifications.

Ethical Standards

Our team understands the responsibility of maintaining an ethical approach to voice cloning. We require all members to read a disclaimer, preventing the misuse of any non-consenting voice. Our team members are only allowed to generate test audio of the poem INVICTUS. All other clone-generation must be requested by you or a Recipient.

Cookies & Visitor Information

Cookies are a critical element to any web-based service or platform. These analytics help improve the website's functionality. We collect basic information about your device (mostly for ALS Demo), what pages you visit, and other information that can be reviewed in our Cookie Policy.

Account Termination

If you wish to terminate your Vocapsule account, you may do so at any time. Beware, performing this action will delete any backups of your training files within our system and the connected servers of AI affiliates. You may always deactivate your clone if you wish to prevent audio generation for a period of time.

"How Does it Work?"

Artificial Intelligence is a major part of cloning your voice. We require a script to be read for 20-30 minutes. This data is enough to replicate your voice & preserve for descendants to access.

"How Do I Register"

Head over to our Pricing page to discover more details about our storage plans. Vocapsule charges a monthly fee to store your files in our custom database. List Recipients and secure a legacy!

"How Much Does it Cost?"

Legacy Voices start at $3/month for basic storage and protection. You can learn more about paid plans at https://www.myLegacyVoice.com

"Can I Clone the Deceased?"

Yes, but only if they registered with Vocapsule prior to passing away. Each member has a dedicated Primary Recipient that may access their voice and generate speech. If the speaker did not say Vocapsule's disclaimers while alive, we cannot perform cloning due to ethical standards set by our company.

"What Can My Clone Say & Do?"

When you record the script, you will display emotional range that can be replicated by AI systems in the future. Your words will be broken down for recreating your voice, like building-blocks for a lego set! With the permission of you or a trusted Recipient, Vocapsule may generate Alice in Wonderland (or any written text) without having you read a single page in real life!

"How is My Voice Protected?"

Vocapsule designed a custom Database Management System for audio files. We wanted to secure voices in a data vault that we owned outright, so we built it! We store the original audio offline in a private location. If you or a Recipient activates the clone for a message request, we pull a copy to be trained with AI.

Lindsay William, MA, CCC/SLP, and her Team of student researchers developed an Assistive Phrase Bank for our ALS project. This Team at EWU created over 400 phrases that we can generate for anyone who lost the ability to speak. 

Eastern Washington University | Cheney, Washington

Matt's Place Foundation is an amazing organization, filled with inspirational people! Vocapsule has the opportunity to assist their local community with Voice Banking, as the Foundation assists the same community with assisted living technologies. We encourage everyone to donate if you have the ability. *No donations go to VoCapsule AI*

Matts Place Foundation | Spokane, Washington

I AM ALS is an organization that focuses on helping persons with ALS and those with an early diagnosis. Our platform was offered to their community through a series of email invitations during our Alpha Stage. Our combined efforts have allowed us to help those with neurological diseases speak again.


Our team works with WSU's Institute for Neuroscience. We prepare & store audio data with the help of their facility. Persons with ALS may also go through the Institute and learn about new assistive technologies like our Smart Home Demo. 

Steve Gleason Institute for Neuroscience | Spokane, Washington