About Us

Vocapsule is a "Voice Management Service". We record audio data & store your files in a private database that can always be activated in the future by you or a trusted Recipient. When your account is activated, we train a voice-clone using AI technology from the best labs in the world. Vocapsule uses secure, audited companies with ethical standards that match our own. Visit our new platform here!

We currently offer early registration, our Beta is arriving soon! You may also try the ALS eye-tracking demo. Our team wanted to help those with early-diagnosed ALS learn how to use eye-tracking.

Lindsay William, MA, CCC/SLP, and her Team of student researchers developed an Assistive Phrase Bank for our ALS project. This Team at EWU created over 400 phrases that we can generate for anyone who lost the ability to speak. 

Eastern Washington University | Cheney, Washington

Matt's Place Foundation is an amazing organization, filled with inspirational people! Vocapsule has the opportunity to assist their local community with Voice Banking, as the Foundation assists the same community with assisted living technologies. We encourage everyone to donate if you have the ability. *No donations go to VoCapsule AI*

Matts Place Foundation | Spokane, Washington

I AM ALS is an organization that focuses on helping persons with ALS and those with an early diagnosis. Our platform was offered to their community through a series of email invitations during our Alpha Stage. Our combined efforts have allowed us to help those with neurological diseases speak again.


Our team works with WSU's Institute for Neuroscience. We prepare & store audio data with the help of their facility. Persons with ALS may also go through the Institute and learn about new assistive technologies like our Smart Home Demo. 

Steve Gleason Institute for Neuroscience | Spokane, Washington