80+ Alexa Commands


Download "Hawkeye Access" on the App Store for any IOS phone or tablet. Open the application, follow the dots to set up eye tracking, and visit our website. Start the ALS phrase bank & turn the volume on your device to the maximum level. Make sure an Alexa Echo is near you before launching the ALS demo. 

Home Commands

Set up Alexa routines from the "Alexa App" or run general commands for your home. Over 7,000 devices work with our routine commands: lock the doors, turn the lights off, and play some relaxing music by simply blinking your eyes once! This system will be improved over the next several months as feedback is given from the ALS community & testers.

TV Commands

Control six of the major smart-tv applications with Amazon Firestick & Echo! Our ALS demo has a TV keypad that emits Alexa commands to control your entertainment system. Navigate & scroll with just your eyes! Make sure to turn the volume down so that Alexa can hear other commands. The on/off function works with select tv systems.

Music Commands

Listen to free radio & create playlists with just your eyes. Use our demo & Alexa to jam out! Amazon music has tons of free options for music stations. Select a genre & your Alexa devices will play music that you can skip, pause, and like. Our team plans on expanding the system to include even more types of music. 

Eye Tracking Powered By

Tobii Dynavox & More

Apply or Register

Apply for a sponsored clone-account today! Speak with a Vocapsule Agent and prepare your voice recording. Our team will generate audio for you to use on your Tobii Dynavox device! (Sponsorship only covers voice storage and ALS phrase bank)

Create Message Banks

Whether its today or years from now, we can generate synthetic speech in your voice. Our team will deliver MP3 audio files to set up on your Tobii Dynavox or capable device.

Use mytobii

Use eye-tracking on any Tobii device with message banking (or capable device) to access your cloned phrases! You may need a desktop or laptop device to upload files to "mytobii dynavox" systems.

Vocapsule is not officially affiliated with Tobii Dynavox & does not receive any commission or payment from their business for referrals or links.

Our Pricing 

Our company is trying to help the ALS community with voice banking. We aspire to offer FREE voice banking with discounted generation fees. In order for us to do this, we use a portion of every sale to cover costs associated with sponsored accounts. If you have the ability to purchase a lifetime membership, we'd greatly appreciate it! (If not, contact us to register a sponsored account)


Every paid-membership sponsors an ALS account. Use the contact form below to submit an application for a free account!

  • No Storage Fees 

  • Voice Protection

  • ALS Phrase Bank



We are currently offering memberships for storage. If you pay for your account, that purchase will sponsor an ALS account for someone else!

  • Storage Fees 

  • Voice Protection

  • ALS Phrase Bank

ALS Demo
Tobii Dynavox

Voice Banking for ALS 

Vocapsule offers FREE assistive technology for persons with ALS. Our Amazon Alexa demo allows early-diagnosed ALS patients to learn about smart home automation while learning to use eye-tracking with devices they already own. Every Alexa command uses a clone managed by Vocapsule! Anyone with an iPhone or iPad may download Hawkeye Access  for FREE to use our demo with just their eyes! (works with any eye-tracking browser w/speakers)

This phrase-bank will be expanded upon in the following months. We teamed up with Speech Language Pathologists at Eastern Washington University to create a custom phrase-bank that displays conversational speech. Our upcoming beta will allow paid users to generate custom phrases in their own voice. 


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