Technology for ALS

VoCapsule supports people with ALS & other neuro degenerative diseases. We worked with a team at EWU to create a FREE universal phrase bank for ALS clones. This Demo uses eye-tracking tablets to allow immobile users to control their entire smarthomes with Amazon Alexa!

Discounted Accounts for ALS & More!

During 2021, we focused on cloning the voices of people with ALS and other neurological diseases. During this time, we received amazing feedback & inspiration from organizations & educational leaders. Our free assistive technology was featured at the Steve Gleason Institute for Neuroscience. We merged voice clones with eye-tracking AI to create an Amazon-Alexa smart home. With a single blink, you may run a routine that locks the door, turns the lights off, and feeds the pets!

Washington State University
Steve Gleason Institute for Neuroscience

We support Washington State University's new Institute for Neuroscience! Our current demo is helping people learn about eye-tracking & voice cloning.

Matt's Place Foundation
Assistive Smart Homes for Persons with ALS

Matt & Theresa at Matt's Place are incredible people. They help the ALS community with advanced smart homes. Click the picture to donate on their website!

Coming Soon

Public Beta will launch in 2022!

This playable demo shows an example message from a voice clone that was made with recordings on an iPhone. VoCapsule wants anyone to be able to store their voice. You can listen to a premium clone here. You may order messages and set a delivery date in the future to always be there! Your Primary Recipient will also be able to request content.

Our Upcoming Beta

This is a Cloned Voice

My Messages

Happy Birthday


Sent to: Jill Doe

By: John Doe

Voice: Jane Doe

It's insane that you're turning 20 now.

 I wish I could be there, 

 just know that your father and I are so proud of you.

 Keep working hard, I believe in you,

 I'll always love you, no matter what.

 Happy birthday, enjoy your evening dear

We also provide professional services to celebrities, agencies, video game developers, and other businesses that can use Voice Clones!


ICE T (Clone Demo)
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"VoCapsule is going to be a game changer. I really see this as the future… There’s a multitude of applications for VoCapsule, not just for celebrities and entertainment-"



We work with celebrities like ICE T, listen to his official clone!